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Newsletter - Issue 69
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
April 15, 2017

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Brazil hosts international conference on Malaria research

Brazil was chosen for its areas endemic to the disease, besides having many research groups acting in the field

Manaus (AM) will host from June 11 to 14, 2017 the¨6th International Conference on Plasmodium Vivax Research (ICPVR), an event to promote innovative and high quality evidence exchange to underpin decision-making processes regarding the control of malaria by Plasmodium vivax, through a collaborative and wide research network.

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This yellow fever outbreak should be taken seriously by the public health authorities and the population must be vaccinated

Yellow fever outbreak with wild transmission warns for possible re-urbanization?

BBrazil is currently registering the greater number of yellow fever cases since 1980. According to the Health Ministry, until april 05, 586 cases of the disease had been reported. From the 282 notified deaths, 138 were in Minas Gerais, 43 in Espírito Santo, 4 in São Paulo, 4 in Pará, and 1 in Rio de Janeiro. 105 deaths are still under investigation, from which 38 in Minas Gerais, 6 in Espírito Santo and one, respectively...

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A vaccine against the Mayaro virus could take from five to 10 years to be available

Mayaro: could a little-known disease become the next epidemic?

First detected in 1954, the Mayaro fever, caused by the Mayaro virus (Togaviridae family, Alphavirus genus), has concerned health authorities across the Country. However, virologist Pedro Fernando da Costa Vasconcelos, director at the Evandro Chagas Institute, from the Health Ministry, does not believe the virus could be spreading or coming closer to Brazil's most populous regions. According to him, there are no studies supporting this theory...

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We have to talk about hunger: humanitarian crisis affects over 20 million people

To avoid the death of thousands of children by malnutrition, for example, or to overcome the effects of armed conflicts, it would take over USD 4 bi

It is urgent to gather global, collective and coordinated efforts, to avoid the deaths of millions of children, youngsters and adults in several countries, especially in Africa.

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Despite the advances, Brazil is far from eradicating the hepatitis C virus

Brazil has made a huge effort, during times of crisis, to include new drugs for Hepatitis C treatment

Although being a severe health problem, the Hepatitis C virus is far from being eradicated in the Country.

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From 16 to 20 May 2017

World Congress on Leishmaniasis (WorldLeish 2017)

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From 11 to 14 june 2017

6th International Conference of Research on Plasmodium vivax malaria

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From 3 to 6 September 2017

XXV Brazilian Congress of Parasitology

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From 12 to 15 Setember 2017


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