NEWSLETTER - Issue 84 - July 15, 2018

MedTrop 2018: Infectious diseases - prediction and challenges to the confrontation of old and new epidemics

During the 54th MedTrop other events will happen simultaneously, as the national meetings on Applied Research on Chagas and Leishmaniasis (ChagasLeish), Malaria Research and Tuberculosis Network, besides a workshop on tropical diseases vectors.

Carlos Chagas Scientific Merit Award: Nominations begin on the 16th

Nominations for senior researchers to be awarded are open from July 16 to 30

Three awards for junior scientists will be granted during the 2018 MedTrop opening ceremony

Those interested in the Young Researcher Award should register at the event’s website. Those interested in the Young Investigator Award should forward their requests until July 20, while those interested in the Ruth Nussenzweig Medal Young Researcher Award should register until August 10

Tropical Journalist Award 2018 and NHR Brazil Journalism Prize: Winners receive awards on September 2

The best articles about Tropical Medicine and leprosy will receive R$ 1,500 in their categories, during the opening ceremony of the 54th Congress of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine


MedTrop 2018 seeks advances and solutions for major tropical diseases afflicting Brazil and the Americas

Event will feature 42 round tables, 21 lectures and 11 special conferences, besides short courses, workshops, forums on neglected diseases and a special program of the four satellites events that will take place simultaneously

Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
Center for Tropical Medicine - UnB
Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm and from 14pm to 18pm - PO Box 4356 - Room 43C - 70904-970
Brasilia - DF - Phone/Fax: (61) 3307-1154

Carlos Henrique Nery Costa

Assignment editors:
Alberto Novaes
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Carlos Henrique Nery Costa
Guilherme Werneck
Mitermayer Galvão dos Reis

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