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Newsletter - Issue 82
Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine
May 15, 2018

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Adoption of SDGs brings opportunities and challenges for integrated NTDs confrontation

"Piauí SDG Project" should allow the alignment of public policies and development initiatives in the State towards Sustainable Development Goals

A great advance towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was the fact that Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) are now officially recognized as a priority target for an integrated...

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Parasitic diseases will be eliminated with better income distribution, full citizenship education and effective guarantees for fundamental rights equality

Helmintex is the reference method to compare performance to others, says, Dr. Carlos Graeff-Teixeira

The study recently published on PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases journal, entitled "Study of diagnostic accuracy of Helmintex, Kato-Katz and POC-CCA methods for diagnosing intestinal schistosomiasis in Candeal, a low intensity transmission area in northeastern Brazil" revealed two main findings: first, the confirmation of Helmintex method's high sensitivity to detect...

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The Leishmania e-mail discussion list (Leish-L) was the first news group to deal with a disease, as well as being the world's oldest list dedicated to a group of very diverse and important group of pathogens. Currently Leish-L has 2,625 members

Leish-L: Forum is an opportunity for integration and information exchange about a neglected disease, emphasizes Jeffrey Shaw

In 1992, only two years after the World Wide Web was launched, Dr. Lois Blain, bioinformatics director at American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), held a meeting at André Tosello Research and Technology Tropical Foundation, in Campinas, Brazil, coordinated by Tropical Data Foundation (BDT), supported by the Pan-American Health...

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Tests with 'DNA vaccine against Zika' begin in April, says the study's coordinator in Minas Gerais, Rodrigo Correa-Oliveira

Volunteer trials for the study in Belo Horizonte began in early April and to the moment, 20 people have been selected. The first five volunteers were vaccinated from April 23 to 25

While researchers in the whole world are looking for ways to protect against Zika Virus (ZIKV), the Minas Gerais Federal...

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Chagas disease: Venezuelan Tropical Diseases specialists, Dr. Oscar Noya and Javier Alberto Roa Sayago talk about the situation in Táchira

In Venezuela, several common use medications are scarce, but, in this specific case, all medications needed to treat the infected were provided

Puerto Nuevo city, in Libertador, South of Táchira state, about 100 kilometers from Rio Arauca, in the Colombian border, registered in April an outbreak of acute Chagas disease. The disease was confirmed in at least five deceased patients and in some of the 40 symptomatic...

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Below is a selection of for this month of may of publications related to Tropical Medicine from important international journals.

Meningitis kills 46 in Katsina

Pakistan: Hundreds of leishmaniasis cases reported in Mohmand Agency

Shoebox-sized lab can diagnose infectious diseases from a drop of blood

Study by CDCs proves effectiveness of yellow fever vaccine fractioned dose

Venezuela malaria cases increase almost 70%

What explains the increase of extreme poverty in Brazil?

Zika Virus Shedding in Semen of Symptomatic Infected Men

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Virus in Semen and the Risk of Sexual Transmission

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Carlos Henrique Nery Costa

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From 24 to 26 May 2018

IV Brazilian Symposium on Neglected Diseases

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From 02 to 05 Setember 2018

54º MedTrop – Congress Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine

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From 26 to 29 September 2018


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