NEWSLETTER - Issue 85 - August 15, 2018

Toxoplasmosis: Outbreak in Santa Maria should be confirmed as the world's largest

Last Update Report of Investigation of an outbreak of Toxoplasmosis points 621 confirmed cases and 515 patients under investigation

Biodiversity law: Despite enhancements, new rules are criticized by the scientific community

Dr. Manuela da Silva clarifies that new rules approved by the CGen in the last months were built in accordance to suggestions and contributions from the scientific community and intend to minimize the impacts caused in some research fields affected by the law and in a first moment were not adequately considered in the SisGen

Measles: Brazil is at risk of returning the disease strongly, if children and adults are not immunized

As of August 07, 1,100 cases of the disease were confirmed, 97% of them in Roraima and Amazonas, where the situation is described as an outbreak. Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondônia, Pará, Amazonas and Roraima also recorded cases of the disease

Refugees: Brazil still needs to implement and support public policies to welcome these people

Country needs to strengthen public policies for shelter and employment so that the projection of a growing number of people does not become a crisis


Leprosy: Armadillos in the Amazon are a threat for humans, says Dr. John Spencer and Dr. Moises Silva

Animals in other regions may be naturally infected by the leprosy agent, but we must investigate further to confirm this hypothesis

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