NEWSLETTER - Issue 86 - September 15, 2018

Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene was present at the 54th MedTrop

Dr. Simon Cathcart, who attended the Congress’ opening ceremony representing the RSTMH, believes an important partnership between the two societies will be strengthened

Green vaccine will cost 10 to 50 times less than conventional vaccines, says researcher Dr. Sergio Rosales Mendoza

Traditional vaccines are obtained with expensive methods that involve cultivation and sophisticated infrastructure

Despite being in constant rise, congenital Chagas disease is still neglected

Mother-to-child transmission currently occurs in 5% in the Cone-Sul and 1,5% in Central Brazil

Zika virus possible came to Brazil through Central America, says Fiocruz PE study

Unlike previously thought, the Zika virus did not entered the country during the 2014 World Cup, or during the Canoeing World Championships, held in August 2014 in Rio de Janeiro


Our review clearly demonstrates that tropical ecosystems currently face a multitude of threats, alert Dr. Jos Barlow

Finding sustainable solutions to the tropical biodiversity crisis is complex, and requires both local and global action. Local research capacity is also key, as effective solutions are context dependent

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